We are passionate about quality and we continually strive to never reduce or compromise on the quality just to makes the vanilla beans cheaper. Our vanilla plantation allows the fresh vanilla beans for the pastry kitchen and desserts. Like fine wine, the location which the vanilla bean is grown plays a huge role in the aroma and flavour of the vanilla bean. Good quality vanilla comes from good quality vines and careful production methods. Each fruit ripens in its own time which requires harvesting vanilla on a daily basis. Our farmers take the utmost care to pluck them, cure them, grade them and store them carefully so that you are able to experience the best quality vanilla product.

Neugini Naturals Team

Quality Assurance:

Even though our products are not certified organic we assure that our products are organically grown and handled with care until reach the final consumers. Also as our products are ranging from home to commercial scale food producers we have to make sure our products are 100% safe and comply with international food standards. Therefore, we also have our own food health and safety protocols in place including regular certification of analysis and microbiological tests from world recognised bodies to ensure a harm free product and maintain the international standards.