Section 1

Why do we collect your personal information?

The main reason to collect your personal details like your name, address and your e-mail address as a part of the purchasing process is once you browse into our store, we receive your computer internet protocol (IP) which helps us to figure about your browser and the operating system. We have the ability to send our e-mails with regard to our store and new product updates and other updates if permitted by you.

Section 2

How do you provide your consent with regard to the purchase?

Once your personal details are collected as the 1 st step in the purchasing process, verify your debit/credit card and arrange the delivery for your order and we oblige your consent for that specific order only.

For our e-marketing purposes we will ask your permission directly to collect the required information and it is not mandatory and will be done only under your permission.

How do you wipe off my consent?

If there is any change of mind with regard to the order placed, you can disclose your details by contacting
us at

Section 3


We may disclose your personal information under law whereby they will be use if there is any violation
of terms and condition.

Section 4

Third Party Services

Basically, the third party service providers will use your personal information up to the required step of the process only. And a sector of these parties like a payment gateways and other payment processors has their own private policies in respect to the information we have provided.

Under such, we would like you to go through their policies thoroughly.

There are instances where our third party providers maybe situated or facilitates that are located in a
different regime comparatively to either you or our team. So that it is essential to get along with their law
administration as per their location of service provision.

Imagine if your location is in Mexico and your processed transaction gateway is located in USA, you wil have to adhere to their laws in entering your personal information including the patriot act.

When you leave our website you will be redirected to the third party’s website and you no longer have to adhere with our policy but get along with the third party’s private policies.


Once you click on the links on our website you will be directed away from our website to the third party’s
website and we will be no longer be responsible for their private policies.

Section 5


We will be taking necessary precautions to protect your personal information and will be taking the best
practices to avoid unethical misuse or any other indirect access.

Section 6

Age of consent

We believe that you’re of the majority in age of your region of residence and will allow any of your minor
dependent to access into that website.

Section 7

Change of Private Policy

We are reserved to change our private policy at any time so please review frequently and the changes will
take an immediate impact over posting on the website. The changes done will be notified to you once it’s
updated so you are known with the information collected and how we proceed with them. If we merge our
company your information will be undertaken by the new owners so we can proceed with our transaction
further too.